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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Nature Destination Near Hanoi No Reservation Required # Top 13 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Nature Destination Near Hanoi No Reservation Required được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Ysdh.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Visitors departing from Hanoi take about 1-3 hours to travel. At these locations, you can camp, swim, and do gentle trekking… These can be suggestions for the next 30/4 occasion if you want to improvise on the road.

Carp Island, Dan Phuong district

Photo: Facebook Carp Island

Campers in Hanoi named Ca Carp Island because the mudflats, seen from above, are shaped like carp. The green, spacious lawn, also known as the Dan Phuong steppe, overlooking the Carp island, is a place that families have been interested in recently due to its large area, suitable for camping with many people without having to squeeze. overlap each other. Children coming here have plenty of space to play, run, jump and cycle. The campsite is about 20 km from West Lake, suitable for families who do not want to go too far.

Ho Chom Nui, Soc Son district

Photo: Bui Quang Thuy

Ho Chom Nui is located in Nam Son commune, Soc Son district. Right now is not the best time of the year to camp because the lake is drying up, but the landscape is beautiful and cool and there are many places to camp, suitable for people who want to breathe fresh air. Currently, Con Nui is still an unexploited tourist destination, suitable for families who want to prepare everything from food, water, etc. The hardest part is setting up a tent, but preparing together is the key. interesting, new to parents and children.

Travel guide: It takes about 1 hour to travel from Hanoi to Chom Nui lake. Just follow the Google Maps application, and you will be taken to the beach where you can set up camp by the lake. This area is free and is about 1 km from the homestay.

Ho Co Dung, Thach That district

Photo: Chu Danh Hieu

Co Dung lake in Tien Xuan commune, Thach That district stands out with an observatory in the middle of the lake and a fresh, fresh natural landscape. The lake is surrounded by small hills, covered with cool green trees. This is a suitable spot for a short picnic during the day, walking around the lake to enjoy the wind. Around the lake there is an embankment, you can stand to take pictures, take the view of the “mountain hugging lake”.

Directions: The lake is located about 40 km from the center of Hanoi, the road is wide, and both cars and motorbikes can come to the place. You follow the directions of Co Dung lake on Google Maps, from the center of Hanoi follow Thang Long Boulevard towards Thach That.

Ba Vi mountain forest, Ba Vi district

Photo: Nguyen Hong Thu Trang

Located at the foot of Tan Linh mountain, Thien Son – Suoi Nga eco-tourism area has a landscape of forests, lakes, streams and waterfalls as well as entertainment and accommodation services divided into three areas: Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son. Visitors should bring camping gear, tables and chairs, sit by the stream, or walk in the green forest in Ha Son. Because the experience is close to nature, you should apply insect repellent, and observe to avoid snakes, centipedes…

Travel guide: The location is about 60 km from the center of Hanoi, suitable for going back during the day. Move along Thang Long, Lang – Hoa Lac, Yen Bai boulevards to Thien Son Suoi Nga. Another route many people choose is via Highway 32. From the ticket gate of the garden, it is about 3 km from the destination.

Dong Mo Lake, Son Tay town

Photo: Kieu Duong

Dong Mo Lake is a favorite destination for anglers. If you want a new experience for the holiday, you can bring or rent fishing gear. According to legend, the lake was the result of a war between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh. This is also the location where the movie “The Judge” was filmed. The flat terrain with the grounds running close to the water’s edge is suitable for families and groups of friends eating barbecue.

Directions: Dong Mo Lake is about 50 km west of Hanoi center. You follow Thang Long Boulevard, turn right onto Highway 21, and go straight until there is a sign of the Dong Mo tourist area. Another way is through Highway 32 and then turning to National Highway 21. On the way, visitors will pass through a lakeside road with a wide view, one side is Dong Mo, and the other is a lotus pond.

Boi river bank, Hoa Binh

Photo: Nguyen Hieu

Boi river bank is a low water area, suitable for families with young children who want to play safely. The place is also loved by groups of friends due to the cool water, people often come to splash water, and soak their feet, especially when it starts to get hot. Along the Boi River, there are many private camping sites and natural open ground. If you rent a private yard, you need to pay 50,000-60,000 VND per guest, tent rental services and meals are available. If you want to experience it yourself, you need to bring tents, folding tables and chairs, slippers for wading… The cost is about 300,000 VND per person including food, gas…

Directions: The banks of the Boi River, about 2 hours by car from Hanoi. From Hanoi, follow Highway 21A, then turn onto Provincial Road 12B to enter Kim Boi. Search for the keyword “Boi River Camping Site” on Google Maps.

Cuc Phuong Forest, Ninh Binh

Photo: Nguyen Huu Thong

Coming to Cuc Phuong forest, Ninh Binh this season, you have the opportunity to see butterflies during the day and fireflies in the evening. This is a destination that can camp overnight, suitable for those who love insects, and want to learn about nature. The garden has two campsites, Ho Mac and Xom Bong. Both locations have catering, accommodation and accommodation services for families who do not have experience preparing their own camping gear. Please note to apply mosquito repellent, and squeeze.

Directions: From Hanoi, move in the direction of Ninh Binh highway, then turn onto National Highway 1A in the direction of Trang An, Hoa Lu ancient capital, pass Bai Dinh tourist area, and Dong Chuong lake to Cuc Phuong. Total travel time one way takes more than 2 hours.

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Từ khoá: Nature destination near Hanoi no reservation required

Marble Mountains – Near Da Nang

The Marble Mountains aren’t the tallest or most famous mountains in Vietnam, but when you consider how they shoot up precipitously from the otherwise flat coastal plain, it’s no surprise that they would be considered something of an attraction. Add to that an intriguing history and stunning views, and the appeal is quite obvious.


Ngu Hanh Son District. Photo: Jesus Abizanda

Vietnam has an impressive collection of mountains, from the Hoang Lien Son to the Annamese Range, misty green alpine scenes are familiar throughout nearly the entire country. But just outside the city of Da Nang, right about at the halfway point of the country, a cluster of five mountains has become a burgeoning tourist destination, mostly because they don’t seem to belong there.

Jutting incongruously from the surrounding plains, the Marble Mountain’s location makes them an easy destination for anyone staying in the city, or as a stopover when visiting Hoi An.

The earliest known history of the Marble Mountains dates back to the Cham Empire, which initially considered its caves and tunnels as holy sites. Over the ensuing centuries, numerous Buddhist shrines and temples were added in its caves and atop its peaks.

Marble carvings. Photo: Andrew Magill

It wasn’t until 1825 that the individual mountains were given their current names, which references the five essential elements: Tho (earth), Moc (wood), Kim (metal), Hoa (fire), and Thuy (water). Later, French geologists discovered the mountain’s marble composition, thus dubbing them the Marble Mountains.

During the war that ousted the French, and later during the Vietnamese conflict, the mountains were repeatedly used as a refuge site. Despite there being an American airbase right on their doorstep, the Vietcong used the network of tunnels and caves to establish a secret field hospital to tend to their wounded and spy on the American forces at nearby China Beach.

These days, the mountains have returned to being an oasis of peace, tourists notwithstanding. An effort has also been made to end the quarrying of the aforementioned marble, which was long prized by local carvers.


A pagoda at the Marble Mountains. Photo: katiebordner

Waiting up top are a number of temples, pagodas, and shrines. Just off the elevator, you have easy access to the Ling Ung Pagoda and Temple, which is an impressive feat of construction built back in 1825. You can also visit the multi-tiered Xa Loi Tower or the ancient-yet-newly-reconstructed TamThai Pagoda, which was alternately destroyed and rebuilt for the past 400 years.

Perhaps the primary reason people come to Mount Thuy is to take in the view from its summit, reachable via a narrow footpath. From this vantage point, you can look out at the growing skyline of Da Nang to the north, the sandy sliver of China Beach to the east, the topaz-colored buildings of Hoi An to the south, and the impressive mountains of Vietnam’s interior directly to the west.

Chua Tam Thai Buddhist Temple. Photo: Shawn Harquail

The flatness of the surrounding topography really comes in handy from this position, with views as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, while visiting, make sure to reach the top where the caves are located.

Huyen Khong Cave is a massive grotto that houses a giant marble Buddha, two Buddhist shrines, and a small temple. The atmosphere is evocative with shafts of light penetrating the ceiling at certain times of day and the pervasive smoke and scent of burning incense rods.

Heaven Cave, also known as Van Thong, houses another shrine along with a series of chambers that lead out to another overlook, which though not as impressive as the one at the summit, will likely be less crowded.


The Marble Mountains. Photo: Raita Futo

At the base of the Marble Mountains is the tiny hamlet of Non Nuoc, where there are a plethora of artisanal shops. While the marble that they use is sourced from other areas, the ornate and intricate statues, figurines, and other marble carvings are true works of art and make for great souvenirs.

When to Visit

The Marble Mountains can be visited year-round, but there are two factors that you should consider: the season and time of day. While the summer months are the busiest, despite the heat, the rainy season, which is typically from September to November, can have overcast skies that might limit the views and slippery marble steps. The dry season is typically cooler and clearer.

The other factor to consider is the time of day. With a convenient location near the city and along the route to nearby tourist attractions, visiting the mountains in the middle of the day might mean contending with crowds as well as higher temperatures. Coming at 7 AM or after 4 PM will not only allow you to avoid lines and heat but also find some of the best natural lighting for photos.

Sentinels by the Sea

Central Vietnam is home to some of the most amazing natural and historic sites in the country and deserves at least a week of exploration to just scratch the surface. The Marble Mountains should definitely be on your itinerary and will leave visitors pleased that they stopped to experience these towering sentinels by the sea!


Address: 81 Huyền Trân Công Chúa, Hoà Hải, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Da Nang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 236 3961 114

Website: nguhanhson.org

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Từ khoá: Marble Mountains – near Da Nang

9 Hanoi Hidden Gems: Off The Beaten Path In Hanoi

These are my top suggestions for getting off the beaten path in Hanoi…

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Hidden gems in Hanoi

So if you’re keen to see more than the main museums and temples of Vietnam’s capital during your Vietnam itinerary, consider visiting these Hanoi hidden gems. I hope there’s something here for everyone!

1. Hanoi Mosaic Wall

It was created to celebrate the millennial anniversary of Hanoi, otherwise known as its 1,000th birthday. The images depict everything from famous Hanoian landmarks to local people, religion, myth, and cartoons for the city’s children.

The only downside to the Mosaic Wall is that much of it runs along the highway. As you’re right up against it, it’s hard to step back (unless you want to brave the traffic!) and take a photo or view the bigger picture. The best spot I found was by total accident whilst visiting another of Hanoi’s hidden gems (which I’ll mention below). Here there are plenty of detailed designs and a bit more room.

This spot is outside the entrance to Long Bein Market. Find the art to the right (if you’re facing it) or head to the location pinned here.

2. Binh Minh Jazz Club

After hearing the American greats on the radio, Quyen Van Minh was left inspired to practice the music himself. Since then, he’s performed with many of the greats himself and displays the signed photos to prove it.

As someone who doesn’t know her jazz, I was totally captivated with the energy, enthusiasm and sheer talent of the performances. A few times Quyen paused to drag from a cigarette but no one cared because he was so damn cool! He could have made us wait 20 minutes mid-song – we were hanging off his every note!

3. Train Street

I’m almost sure not whether to class this as a Hanoi hidden gem because it seems to be quickly growing in popularity (probably due to blogs like mine calling it a ‘hidden gem’ – sorry world). Since you can still see so much local life on the tracks, I decided it’s still worthy of a mention. Train Street is truly one of the craziest places I’ve been as the railway is far from out of use. A few times a day, the train comes roaring through the city, sending locals and tourists sprawling flat against the walls and rocking the buildings around it (I slept in a room on the tracks for two weeks so I would know!).

You can drink coffee at a number of cafes whilst watching the train pass or opt to explore at other times of day. The second option is better for ditching the crowds and observing the locals cook, wash, socialise and go about their days.

4. The grand houses of Phan Dinh Phung

To find the gorgeous houses, start by locating the sunny yellow Cua Bac Church.

With your back to it, turn right. Don’t do what I did – turn left, not find anything of interest and leave, deeming Phan Dinh Phung a dud attraction. A few days later I drove down the street and realised all the gorgeous houses had been metres away, the other side of the cathedral. Doh!

5. Trade Shop #37

(Actually, if you live in Vietnam and regularly visit coffee giant, Cong Caphe, you probably do!)

Trade Shop #37 (Vietnamese name Cửa Hàng Ăn uống Mậu dịch số 37) replicates a war era canteen. The menu resembles a ration card and the walls are adorned with 1970s military details. The only difference is that the food served is plentiful and tasty! Find it at 37 Nam Tràng on Truc Bach island.

6. Ngoc Ha

For a fantastic non-touristy thing to do in Hanoi, head to the neighbourhood of Ngoc Ha. This Hanoi hidden gem contender was recommended to me by Emily of the Wander-Lush blog. Since I’ve enjoyed her recommendations before, I decided to pay a visit.

Nope – suddenly I turned a corner and a serene, quaint paradise appeared in front of me. The highlight was this gorgeous temple and bridge, not inhabited by another soul.

Ngoc Ha as a neighbourhood is very interesting and local. Take a walk around the ponds, admire the towering houses and get lost in the tightly-packed alleyways. It’s also a great place to meet the locals and experience daily life, free from tourist traps. Put Dinh Ngọc Ha into Google Maps and start there (right beside the temple).

7. Long Bein Morning Market

To get off the beaten path in Hanoi, you must visit a morning market. When I say ‘morning market’ what I really mean is ‘dead of night market’. To get the best of Long Bein, you really need to visit by 5am. After this, many of the stalls are selling out and people are heading home. The purpose of Long Bein is to provide restaurants and businesses with their ingredients for the day.

Ever seen street stalls opening up at 6am, already frying up meat and veg? Chances are they bought it at Long Bein two hours earlier. Going there once to take photos was an exhausting mission so I don’t know how people work there every day! The market is hectic and tightly packed: an authentic, gritty and very real side to Hanoi. I’d recommend a visit if you have some stamina and don’t mind a 4.30am wakeup call.

8. Truc Bach

The only neighbourhood I’ve enjoyed visiting as much as Ngoc Ha is Truc Bach. This sleepy area of houses and cafes juts out onto Truc Bach Lake (location: here) and is a great place to explore local life and take photos over the water.

This non-touristy area of Hanoi shares a location with State-run Food Shop, so you could combine visiting the two or check out some of the temples in the area.

9. Phung Hung Public Art Project

Aren’t they crazy lifelike? Head to 29 Phùng Hưng as the Phung Hung Public Art Project itself doesn’t appear to be mapped yet.

Had you heard of any/all of these Hanoi hidden gems before? Let me know if you have any others! I enjoyed the non-touristy things to do in Hanoi waaaay more than the main attractions so I hope I’ll be back to find even more!

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Vietinbank Business Center Tower Hanoi

Under construction and set to be opened in 2023, the VietinBank Business Center Tower will be the third tallest building in Vietnam upon its completion. Designed to be a complex, this multi-use skyscraper will feature restaurants, shops, offices, residences, a hotel, and an observation deck.

Skyscraper in downtown Hanoi

The VietinBank Business Center Tower is located in the Khu Thi Ciputra District within Hanoi. Sitting adjacent to a park, the skyscraper is positioned not too far from the Red River.

Hanoi’s skyline at night. Photo: Cambodia, P.I. Network

As an important hub for finance and business, the tower has been situated close to the city’s central downtown area as well as the airport to ensure that guests can easily access the building and its services.

Here are some quick stats:

Developer: VietinBank

Construction: 2010 – present

Opening: 2023

Height: 1,197.51 feet

Observatory: 1,197.51 feet

Floors: 68

Floor Area: 3,175,353.57 square feet


Featuring two V-shaped towers, the VietinBank Business Center Tower pays homage to the city’s financial empire and the name of the country. The shape angles of the V formation are enhanced by modern architecture, which makes the building stand out amongst the skyline.

Straight lines, plenty of glass, and a unique garden bridge connecting the two towers give this building a futuristic look. The architects are also planning to feature special outdoor landscapes to add to the building’s overall aesthetic.

With one tower for business and the other residential, this skyscraper will become a prominent attraction in Hanoi.

Observation Deck

Not much information has been released about a potential observation deck, but with 68 floors, it’s safe to assume that the plans will include a lookout from at least one of the two towers.

Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: kangarooo1982

The top floor of the building is estimated to sit at just over 1,000 feet off of the ground, providing visitors with a chance to view the city from above. Similar to other observation decks, there will likely be a small café to service the tower’s guests.


Since the structure has two towers, most activities for visitors will be focused within the tower featuring private residences and the hotel. VietinBank will use the upper floors of the tallest towers as the company’s new headquarters, limiting public access to portions of the building.

Designed to be a multi-use complex, the VietinBank Business Center Tower will provide plenty of entertainment for guests. Planned to have residences, a hotel, stores, and restaurants, visitors will have everything they need.

Hanoi at night. Photo: cloud.shepherd


A hotel and private residences have also been incorporated into the building’s future layout. As a full-service establishment, guests and residents will have complete access to various luxury amenities and facilities.

Shops and Restaurants

Evening shopping in Hanoi. Photo: Anthony Surace

A dynamic complex, the base of the towers will house the main shops and restaurants. No establishments have yet been named, but due to the sheer scale, it can be assumed that there will be a wide variety of brands.

Restaurants and Bars

There will likely be up to a dozen different restaurants, with the more upscale establishments catering to the hotel and residences. While there may be a few quality options in the shopping center, no specifics have been repeated about potential restaurants or chefs.

See for Yourself

With the completion of the VietinBank Business Center Tower on the horizon, visitors should keep an ear out for any news if an opening date. Estimated to be completed and opened in 2023, this new skyscraper is guaranteed to become the talk of the town.


Address: Khu đô thị Ciputra, phường Xuân Đỉnh, Bắc Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Season: Year-round

Đăng bởi: Cúc Nguyễn Cúc

Từ khoá: VietinBank Business Center Tower Hanoi

Discover Beautiful Nature Reserves Across 3 Regions Of The Country

The beautiful and famous nature reserves of our country 1. Cuc Phuong Nature Reserve

One of the most beautiful and famous nature reserves in Vietnam is Cuc Phuong National Park. This is the first national park in Vietnam, located in 3 provinces of Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa and Hoa Binh. With a total area of ​​22,408 hectares and a rich flora and fauna ecosystem, this is an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists. 

Cuc Phuong National Park is located in Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. Photo: @thaob0o

Most tourists often approach Cuc Phuong National Park when traveling to Ninh Binh. This is a destination with beautiful blue colors, extremely fresh and pristine space. The entire national park is a system of lakes, ancient forests, caves and extremely diverse vegetation. 

The beauty of Cuc Phuong National Park in the butterfly season. Photo: @sang.kool

Possessing a large area, this nature reserve is divided into many destinations, helping visitors choose the appropriate coordinates to explore. You can go through the forest to visit the Botanical Garden, the Center for Rescue, Conservation and Development of Creatures or go to the top of the Silver Cloud to enjoy the panoramic view of this national park. 

It has a forest ecosystem and a poetic lake. Photo: @ _t.thanh__

The most special feature in Cuc Phuong National Park is the butterfly season in May every year. That is the season when the scenery here is as beautiful as a fairy scene with millions of golden butterfly wings fluttering. Visitors not only have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this nature reserve, but also live virtual with beautiful butterflies.

2. Phu Quoc Nature Reserve

Vietnam has many beautiful nature reserves. One of them is Phu Quoc National Park with a huge area of ​​31,422 hectares. Along with many other tourist destinations on the pearl island, this national park is the coordinates that domestic and foreign tourists often check in and experience. 

Phu Quoc National Park is a world biosphere reserve. Photo: @phuquoctrip

Phu Quoc National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world in 2006. It possesses a diverse ecosystem with topography including hills, streams, waterfalls, forests and sea. Therefore, this nature reserve becomes a common home for many species of mammals and birds, especially endangered species. 

Beautiful road going into Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: @tranmai_huyentrang

In addition to the diverse flora, this national park also owns up to 60 km of coastline – where there are beautiful and colorful coral carpets that are growing day by day under the ocean. Not only coral but also precious fish such as butterfly fish, grouper, forming an extremely rich ecological population. 

Fresh, unspoiled nature in Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: @njl26

Today, when traveling to Phu Quoc , visitors can spend time exploring this national park with activities such as going through the forest or scuba diving to see the coral. In particular, you cannot miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the streams, clear waterfalls in the middle of the forest, as well as climb to the top of Mount Chua to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Phu Quoc pearl island.

>> See more:  These are beautiful national parks that have ‘sponsored’ quality check-in photos for visitors

3. Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Among the beautiful nature reserves in Vietnam, Pu Luong is always present with an extremely unspoiled natural picture and many interesting travel experiences. This conservation area is about 150 km from Hanoi capital, which is being invested to develop eco-tourism and resort models. 

The charming beauty of Pu Luong nature reserve. Photo: @db.anh

Covering an area of ​​17,662 hectares, this nature reserve is covered with seasonal tropical closed forests. Inside the forest is the world of 598 animals belonging to many different families. This is also the residence of many rare animals such as fire leopards, clouded leopards, chamois, horse bears, etc. 

The terraced fields in Pu Luong are golden in the ripe rice season. Photo: @xiuxiuiu

Visiting Pu Luong , visitors also have the opportunity to admire the unique limestone ecosystem with beautiful caves, typically Kho Muong cave. At the same time, the area around Pu Luong is home to many Thai villages, with the appearance of resorts and homestays for tourists to rest and relax. 

This place is known as “little Bali” in Vietnam. Photo: @ducmai.84

It can be said that Pu Luong is the place for you to return to nature, with peace and heal the negative emotions in your heart. Whether you choose to go to Pu Luong to chill, explore the beautiful scenery of the village, the terraced fields or go deep to explore the forest ecosystem, this is still a nature reserve in Vietnam that you should once visit.

4. Cat Ba Nature Reserve

Cat Ba is one of the famous national parks in Vietnam , possessing extremely beautiful and unspoiled scenery on the Cat Ba archipelago. In 2004, Cat Ba National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. Currently, this is a place to preserve many marine ecosystems, forests and rare species of flora and fauna.

It possesses a diverse ecosystem, with beautiful forests and sea. Photo: @nomad_dazz

Cat Ba Nature Reserve is an ideal place for climbing activities, bringing visitors deep into the rich and diverse world of flora and fauna. From the top of the high mountain, you can zoom into the distance, capturing the cool green color of the undulating, high and low forests.

April – October is the right time for you to explore Cat Ba National Park. Photo: @albertvazgu

In particular, in addition to experiencing in the forest, visitors can also go to the sea to snorkel, swim, and kayak. The beauty and charm of the ocean surrounding Cat Ba National Park certainly won’t disappoint you, especially when you come here at the time of April – October every year.

5. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

Kon Chu Rang is also one of the beautiful nature reserves that visitors cannot ignore when they have the opportunity to return to the Central Highlands. This is a conservation area located in 4 provinces of Quang Ngai, Gia Lai, Binh Dinh and Kon Tum, with an area of ​​​​about 16,000 hectares. Kon Chu Rang attracts tourists thanks to its fresh air, majestic scenery and diverse ecosystems.

The Central Highlands has the majestic Kon Chu Rang nature reserve. Photo: @nhidomai

The flora in Kon Chu Rang is quite rich thanks to the terrain of this national park, which transitions between the East and West regions of the Truong Son range. Having the opportunity to explore this nature reserve, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tropical forests, fresh streams and majestic waterfalls. 

Green and fresh vegetation in Kon Chu Rang. Photo: @buiiii.dtd

Do you know what is interesting about this nature reserve? It is 99% forest cover and inside this reserve there are many rare species of wood and animals. It is estimated that there are about 833 species of higher plants, of which 18 species are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and 7 species in the Red Book of the world.

The famous K50 waterfall in Kon Chu Rang. Photo: @misshuongly

In addition to the opportunity to return to nature, explore the wild and majestic beauty, visitors to Kon Chu Rang also have the opportunity to check in with beautiful waterfalls. Among them can be mentioned three floors, K50 waterfall … beautiful among the green forests. After the trip back, there will be valuable lessons, photos for a lifetime and many beautiful memories. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands, take the time to explore this beautiful nature reserve. Photo: @lisatian23

The beautiful nature reserves in Vietnam are all famous tourist coordinates that domestic and foreign tourists love very much. If you are a conqueror who loves to explore, then surely these will be the destinations not to be missed in your youth journey. 

Photo: Instagram

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Từ khoá: Discover beautiful nature reserves across 3 regions of the country 

Phương Trình Si + No2F → No + Sio2 + Sif4

Trong hóa học, khái niệm mol được dùng để đo lượng chất có chứa 6,022.10²³ số hạt đơn vị nguyên tử hoặc phân tử chất đó. Số 6,02214129×10²³ – được gọi là hằng số Avogadro.

Độ âm điện là đại lượng đặc trưng định lượng cho khả năng của một nguyên tử trong phân tử hút electron (liên kết) về phía mình.

Kim loại (tiếng Hy Lạp là metallon) là nguyên tố có thể tạo ra các ion dương (cation) và có các liên kết kim loại, và đôi khi người ta cho rằng nó tương tự như là cation trong đám mây các điện tử.

Nguyên tử là hạt nhỏ nhất của nguyên tố hóa học không thể chia nhỏ hơn được nữa về mặt hóa học.

Phi kim là những nguyên tố hóa học dễ nhận electron; ngoại trừ hiđrô, phi kim nằm bên phải bảng tuần hoàn.

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Nature Destination Near Hanoi No Reservation Required trên website Ysdh.edu.vn. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!